DuPage Libertarians Oppose Plan to Increase Illinois Lawmakers’ Salaries

For those who missed the news, the Illinois House recently refused to give up their scheduled salary increase, even as Illinois is facing an unemployment rate of 9.1 percent and has lost nearly 200,000 jobs since last year.  House Bill 4438, introduced by Rep. Bill Black and cosponsored by 46 other House legislators, would have prohibited the automatic 2.8 percent salary increase for legislators in 2009.  Rather than leading from the front in hard times, the House voted 64-50 to increase their own pay, while Illinois voters struggle to feed their families.  As noted by Rep. Black, this proposal would have saved the state approximately two million dollars, a drop in the bucket given that the state is roughly eleven billion dollars in debt, but a clear opportunity for Illinois’ lawmakers to do what Governor Quinn has asked Illinois families to do themselves…sacrifice.  The DuPage Libertarians call on the Illinois House to reconsider Rep. Black’s bill and take responsibility in these hard times.  To quote Rep. Darlene Senger (R-Naperville), “To ask for a raise during this tough economic time is pathetic.”‘

Vote Results for HB 4438

Josh Hanson
President, DuPage Libertarians

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