Message from the Chair

Greetings from the DuPage Libertarians,

In the last month, the Libertarian Party of Illinois has seen significant progress in the declaration of candidates for 2010 campaigns. Even more exciting is that several of these candidates have committed to running active campaigns, as opposed to functioning as “paper candidates” only. One of these candidates, Mike Labno, is a member of the DuPage Libertarians and has already begun seeking supporters for his campaign for U.S. Senate.

The DuPage Libertarians are now seeking assistance from those with experience running for office, running political campaigns, or working for campaigns. Specifically, we need people who have technical knowledge of compliance with legal requirements, effective fundraising strategies, successful advertising efforts, etc. If you feel that you have anything to contribute, even if you don’t have time or money, please contact Josh Hanson, chair of the DuPage Libertarians, at 630-200-9527 as soon as possible, so that we may begin consolidating information to help our candidates reach the largest audience possible.

Finally, there are still many openings for Libertarian candidates in 2010. If you are coming to realize that now is the time to act, please consider running for office as a Libertarian. The more candidates we have on the ballot, the more attention we will receive, and consequently, the more our current political representatives will sit up and take notice.

Thank you,
Josh Hanson
Chair, DuPage Libertarians

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