Illinois Republicans Continue to Support Big Government

On Monday, October 26, six Illinois Republican Senatorial candidates came together in Rockford for a candidate forum hosted by Concerned Citizens of America, a religious conservative organization. Noticeably absent was Congressman Mark Kirk, who has become persona non grata for his not-so conservative ideas. Given the crowd–and my hazy recollections of what being a Republican was all about–I expected to hear the candidates speaking on the merits of limited government. What I heard, though, only served to remind me of how lost the Republican Party is…and how much believers in liberty need a voice. Below is a collection of ideas (or lack thereof) heard from these candidates.

  • Not a single candidate so much as mentioned the bailouts or government takeover of private businesses, two of the greatest contributors to the largest federal deficit in history.
  • A proposal to have politicians produce and air commercials nationally, in support of specific moral principles.
  • Centrally-mandated quotas on the number of low-income individuals insured by private companies.
  • A statement that we “need government big enough to do what it wants” [and to somehow control itself once it has the power to do whatever it wants].
  • Government subsidies to insurance companies when they spend more than usual [although last time I checked, subsidizing increased costs just encourages increases in costs].
  • Provide federal funding to expand educational programs for talented students, at-risk students, and teachers [apparently politicians in Washington, DC are the best judges of what local schools need].

Growing up, I always believed that the Republican Party was the party of limited government, but the examples above are more like the Republican Party I’ve come to know over the course of my life. Thankfully, there is one Senatorial candidate out there who understands what freedom means. Michael Labno, Libertarian candidate for US Senate, is ready to return the wealth stolen from working citizens by politicians. When Republicans and Democrats alike believe that they can better plan your life from DC than you can on your own, it may just be time to stop playing their game and start voting your conscience.

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