Campaign Help Wanted

In these troubled times, it is vital that we get more Libertarians elected to public office.  While we may never have a better opportunity, we need you to make it happen. Our campaigns are looking for volunteers in every area, from graphic design to web design, from managing events to managing the media, from writing palm cards to writing position papers. In addition, we are actively looking for Campaign Coordinators throughout Illinois to be a:

  • contact person for area activists
  • distribution point for campaign literature and yard signs
  • collection point for petitions
  • scout for potential campaign stops
  • identifier of local media

Freedom isn’t free. We all have to work together and earn it. If you have a skill or area of interest that you would like to offer to our campaigns or would like to volunteer as a Campaign Coordinator for your area, please contact Crystal Jurczynski, LP Illinois Campaign Director, at 630-876-1935 or

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