Nominations Welcome for 2010 Officers

It feels like 2009 has just flown by, and it has been a great year. Since January of 2009, we have seen the creation of a Facebook page, a transfer to a new website, and a 1525% expansion of our contact list. As we close out the year, the time has come to seek nominations for those who will lead us into 2010. If you would like to throw your hat into the ring, please consider attending our monthly meeting on Tuesday, December 15, to introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in getting involved.  Voting will occur at the January meeting, and only dues-paying members will be eligible to vote.

Below are descriptions of the positions available:

  • Chair: The organization shall have a Chair who shall preside at all organization meetings and at all meetings of the Executive Committee. He or she shall be the chief executive officer of the DuPage Libertarians.
  • Vice Chair: The organization shall have a Vice-Chair who shall act as assistant to the Chair. He or she shall fulfill responsibilities of the Chair in the event of the Chair’s absence. He or she shall also serve as representative to the State Organizing Committee (SOC).
  • Secretary: The Secretary shall take and keep minutes of all Organization meetings and all meetings of the Executive Committee, and shall maintain a current list of members of the organization. He or she shall also keep and maintain bylaws and all other official documents of the organization.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the management of the receipt, disbursement, and accounting of the funds of the Organization. The Treasurer shall not allow the obligations of the Organization to be in excess of the available funds. The Treasurer must be informed before any obligations for the organization are made by any officer or member.
  • Township Chairs: Township Chairs shall be responsible for keeping the Executive Committee apprised of any events of note occurring in their respective townships, e.g. fairs, parades, rallies, etc, and shall function as a primary point of contact for any new members in their respective townships.
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