The Next “Shot Heard ‘Round the World”?

The following was written by Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, Mike Labno:

Up in Flames: Why The Time for Action is Now.

I am deeply saddened by the events that took place at the will of Joseph Stack in Austin, TX. After reading his “Suicide Manifesto”, it concerns me that this is an all too common story. And, as always, for every action there is a reaction and that concerns me even more; because the knee-jerk reaction of the Federal Congress is to consider sweeping measures in the name of ‘protection’ like the freedom-stripping “Patriot Act” that followed 9/11– or worse.  It’s more than possible that this single act of insanity can lead to labeling any legitimate protest of our tax-structure as “right-wing-extremism”, and a major threat to America’s safety; opening the door for more Department of Homeland Security intrusion into our lives and, of course, costing us millions more to pay for it.  Vice-President Biden’s “…it’s patriotic to pay taxes” comment keeps ringing in my ears.

To me, however, this is a great opportunity for disenfranchised Americans to come together. There is no doubt that personal taxation and government spending is out of control. Surely the average person is frustrated when he/she must pay for bank and corporate bailouts and is penalized for working hard and long. The two unconstitutional, debt-funded wars in the Middle East are racking up major expenses for our children; not to mention the death toll of our young American heroes. Unemployment is rampant, healthcare and education costs are out of control, thanks to government regulation and intervention, and social security is literally months away from bankruptcy. And this only scrapes the surface of our troubles.

When will it end? Well, I suggest now. There is a common theme to all of this. I don’t care if you are an anti-war advocate, or a Tea Party protester, or an ACLU member, what we all want is Liberty. The Federal Government’s job is to defend the homeland, preserve personal freedom, and promote prosperity. They have failed across the board. This is nothing new: it is just a continuation of a century’s worth of policy. But if you are happy with the way things are, then do nothing.  However, if you are starting to feel even the slightest bit like Joseph Stack, then maybe it’s time we all sit down together and consider a better plan. Our elected officials obviously can’t do it, so now is the time for us, the people, to pull double duty for just a little while. There is a solution, it’s called Freedom.

In Liberty,

Michael Labno

Candidate for U.S. Senate (IL)

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