Libertarian Reaction to Heathcare

The DuPage Libertarians are outraged! We STRONGLY OPPOSE the healthcare bill that was passed in the House on Sunday, March 23rd!  If you are just as outraged as we are, you should stand up for liberty and join us in the fight for lower taxes, smaller government, more freedom and a repeal to this healthcare bill. Go to the ‘Join Us’ tab, sign up now and help us spread the message of Liberty!

For the first time in American history it’s no longer relevant to welcome a visitor to our country by saying “welcome to the land of the free” as we have surely lost too much freedom to define ourselves as a free country.  We are no longer a world leader but a world follower.  Stand up and end the state of being Canada Junior! With this large blow to our freedom the Libertarian Party has never needed your help more. Volunteer, donate and vote Libertarian!

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