November Letter from the Chairman

My fellow friends of Liberty, if you’re as pooped as I am, you’re tired indeed.  We’ve all been working very hard, and I think we’re going to be rewarded with an excellent showing on Tuesday. There’s only one thing more that needs to be done, and that’s to get out the vote.  By now I’m sure you’ve managed to persuade your friends, families, acquaintances, co-workers, and folks just passing by that it’s only the Libertarian Party that will be devoted to their freedom rather than political power.  Now, you’ve got to make sure that they get to the polls and put those convictions on the ballot! Not everyone is going to vote the straight ticket, and that’s OK; after all, it’s the individual’s own right to choose how to be governed that is our prime directive, but it is important that they do vote.

In those races where no Libertarian is running, we generally make no recommendation, but the various referenda on local ballots may, or may not, advance the cause of limited government and increased liberty. For your guidance, our recommendations on can be found in this voter guide.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you at 7pm on Tuesday for the Libertarian Election Night Party at Dave and Busters, 1155 Swift Rd, in Addison to celebrate Libertarian victory!  If you would like to attend there is a $20 requested donation, also please RSVP with Laurie, contact her at (312)-513-3540.

Yours in and for Liberty

Mark Agnini (Chairman of the DPL)

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