Bolingbrook’s 14% Excise Tax on Alcohol

Sales Tax Alert! Bolingbrook has an excise tax on all alcohol bringing the effective rate to 14%, this rate applied to all restaurants, groceries, and liquor stores. Shopping just outside of Bolingbrook in any direction can save you 40% or more in tax on alcohol.

For example, AJ’s Woodridge Wine & Liquor which is about one mile from the Promenade on Boughton Rd. across the street from the new Costco, the effective tax rate is 7.75% no excise tax on alcohol. Although, the Costco is in Bolingbrook, so the 14% rate applies there as well. The owner of AJ’s is willing to price match with the Meijer and other places, I do it all the time. The Ultra Foods on 75th and Lemont road usually has very good prices and also has the much lower 7.75% effect tax rate on alcohol.

Alcohol shopping or dining in Woodridge compared to Bolingbrook will save you $6.25 for every $100 spent or 44.6% in the amount you spend in tax.

Lockport which is not in DuPage County also does not have an excise tax on alcohol. Additionally, Lockport does not have a county water tax like DuPage County or a home rule tax like Woodridge and many other DuPage towns, giving Lockport the lowest possible rate in the Chicago metropolitan area of 7.00%, which applies to all general merchandise and alcohol. The 7.00% rate is made up of the state rate of 6.25% plus .75% which is the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) tax which is throughout the entire Chicago metropolitan area, so these two sales taxes aren’t easy to escape.

Alcohol shopping or dining anywhere in Lockport compared to Bolingbrook will save you $7.00 for every $100 spent or 50.0% in the amount you spend in tax.

The DPL has no relational benefit with either AJ’s or Ultra Foods, but shopping wise has the power to influence policy, rewarding towns with better business environments and punishing those for providing poor tax policy environments.  We are not for or against any business, just the individual towns and their tax policies.

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