Business Meeting Recap

Last night we had a very successful business meeting and fun discussion! We signed up 6 people to township chairmen positions, (leaving only 3 positions open), passed new goals for activism and growth for 2011, and nominated DPL officers for election at the next business meeting. If you are interested in becoming a Township chair or running for DPL office let us know. The 3 township positions that are open for chairmanship are:

  • Wayne Township (Bartlett, Wayne, Hanover Park)
  • Addison Township (Addison, Itasca, Wood Dale, Bensenville)
  • Milton Township (Wheaton, Glen Ellyn)

Please let us know if you are interested in becoming a Township Chairman.  The Objective of a Township chairman is to be legislative watch over the towns within their township.  Report the township watch information at the monthly business meeting and recruit members from their township.  Township Chairmen can recruit or appoint their own staff to assist them and structure their township divisions however they wish (without violating the by-laws of the DPL).

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