Elected to Serve

The United States Constitution and the Constitutions of each of the states provide a road map for the operations of the respective government; but there is an alarming trend developing that when unpopular legislation is introduced by the majority party, the minority party protests by not showing up to vote as scheduled.

The arrogance of any elected official to put their own agenda ahead of the democratic process ratified by their constituency is unparalleled by any other.  These elected officials are defying the very process that this country is founded on and need to be given an ultimatum to either fulfill their obligation for which they are being paid, or step down.  Anything less should be addressed within the courts.

Sadly, these temper tantrums are only symptomatic of a much larger issue:  a complete lack of leadership in our country.  The current leadership has the misguided notion that strength comes from drawing lines in the sand and standing steadfastly on one’s own side.  In fact, it is time for real reforms in our government and a paradigm shift that leaves the current duopoly as case study for history majors.

Libertarians understand this, as we have been watching the political drama unfold in a very predictable manner.  If you try to divide the country into two equal sides, you DIVIDE the country into two equal sides.  The establishment Republicans and Democrats have achieved perfect success; the country is divided.

The door is now open for true leaders to emerge and take our country back to a foundation of Constitutional governance, not left, right, conservative, liberal, red, blue partisanship.  True leadership will heal this country by following a steadfast allegiance to the founding documents and serving the people rather than using the people to advance personal agendas.

Get back to work and serve the people you were elected to serve, in the forum in which the state ratified.

-Rae Ann McNeilly

DPL Member/Volunteer

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