Libertarians are Pro-Market, Not Pro-Business

Art Carden just might be my favorite living economist. Before you let your eyes glaze over, understand that when Carden writes, “economics” doesn’t mean “mathematics”; it means “common sense”. In this article, he explains why the common criticism of libertarians–that we are “corporate authoritarians”–couldn’t be further from the truth. When some big corporation lobbies to have laws passed to limit competition, or seeks an exemption to allow them to pollute the property of others, or asks for a bailout because they are “too big to fail”, the libertarian must oppose such efforts. As Carden puts it in his article:

Businesses should not be protected from competition, losses, and bankruptcy when they fail to deliver for the customer.  All three are essential to truly free markets and free enterprise.

“Free Market” Doesn’t Mean “Pro-Business”

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