Take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz!

If you’ve ever met a Libertarian, you’ve probably seen the image above a time or two. For those who haven’t, this is taken from the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, a project of The Advocates for Self Government.

The idea is that the typical left-right, linear political spectrum is too simplistic and does not accurately reflect the complexities of political ideologies. As an illustration, the usual layout has Stalin on the far left and Hitler on the far right, when both were totalitarians who favored heavy government control. In that model, where do you put those who believe in limited government?

The World’s Smallest Political Quiz measures responses on two criteria: personal freedom and economic freedom. Conservatives would tend to rate highly on economic freedom but low on personal freedom, liberals would tend to rate highly on personal freedom but low on economic freedom, and Libertarians would rate highly on both. In this model, Hitler and Stalin would be right next to each other down at the bottom extreme with low ratings on both personal and economic freedom. Granted, this quiz has only ten questions, so it has its limits, but if you’re curious to see where you fall, just click on the image above to get started.

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