All You Need to Know About Getting Libertarians on the Ballot

From March 27th to June 22nd, the Libertarian Party will be collecting signatures from registered voters in order to ensure that our candidates will be on the ballot in the 2012 General Elections.  Like sausage being made, this is that part of politics that most casual observers don’t know much about, but it’s vitally important if we want to have any chance of success.  Check out the resources below and feel free to contact any of the officers of the DuPage Libertarians if you have questions or would like help.

As a brief introduction, the sheets which are signed are referred to as “ballot access petitions” and the act of collecting these signatures is referred to as “circulating petitions”.  At the end of the circulation period, all petitions must be gathered and turned in together.

Petition Drive Overview

Petition Instructions

Petition FAQs

Sample Petition

2012 LP Presidential Petition Form


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