Petitioning in Illinois – Tips and Tactics

Finally, we release our third and final video from the DuPage Libertarians on petitioning in Illinois. Here, we cover some tips and strategies for actually going out and petitioning in public. Don’t be shy – all the information you need is in this video, along with the first two, which prepare you entirely for the task of going out and collecting signatures for the Libertarian Party of Illinois.

This first video focused on the challenges we face as a third party in a state where the two major parties have crafted laws to keep us out of elections and off of voter’s ballots, and the second video covers all the rules we must follow in order to make sure we conduct the process of signature gathering properly. All three videos together can help make a person in Illinois totally prepared to help us out and make a difference in Illinois politics.

If you like what you see, please share this with your friends and help spread the word for the upcoming Petition Drive, which starts in just over a week.

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