DuPage Libertarians More Active Than Ever!!

The DuPage Libertarians have been much more active this year. We started out by producing several videos that depicted the importance and challenges of the Petition Drive, we hosted several Candidate Workshops which proved very beneficial to the candidates and the state party as a whole for a multitude of reasons, we’ve done several outreach events that include everything from gun exhibitions to attending debates, and we’ve been leading the way in signature gathering in the state (as of the date this was published).


One more recent thing that we did was host a Petition Drive Fundraiser to help raise cash for the Petition Drive in Illinois. Collecting signatures for third party candidates in Illinois is such a daunting task, that while many signatures are gathered by volunteers, others are collected by paid professional petitioners. That requires money.  So the DuPage Libertarians set up an event at Club Amore, a bar in River Grove, IL just outside Chicago, with live music and an auction of many nice things to raise money.


The event was a success! Five statewide candidates attended, as well as one local representative, who all gave speeches, conducted interviews and worked the crowd talking to supporters and potential voters. Candidates included Chris Michel for Secretary of State, Julie Fox for Comptroller, AJ Cummings for Lt. Governor, Chad Grimm for Governor and Sharon Hansen for US Senate. Jonathan Parker, running for the 37th district in the Illinois House of Representatives, also gave a speech and greeted voters.


Jim Goebel brought out recording equipment and conducted interviews with most of the candidates for his podcast program The Side Project hosted at RadioFUBAR.com – you can hear it live every Saturday morning at 9am Central time.


The live music of the night was performed first by acoustic musician Jason Kluss, followed by the much louder alternative punk rock stylings of NatureDevil. At one point, Lt. Governor AJ Cummings joined NatureDevil onstage from behind the drums, and the Illinois Libertarian 2010 candidate for Governor Lex Green played the bass.


Money was raised by the auction of many unique items, some of which were rare, others being unique to libertarian politics, while others were fresh baked and delicious. Ron Paul posters, economics books and an autographed graphic novelization of the first Constitutional Convention were popular with libertarian-minded buyers, while fresh baked cookies, cinnamon bread and even sugar-spice bacon were won over by the more hunger bidders. A few guitars, a pair of zombie slippers and Cubs tickets rounded out the auction to help with the overall fundraiser.


We would like to thank everyone, and we do mean EVERYONE, who came out and made the night a success. If you would like to get involved in more of our projects, don’t hesitate to contact us, follow us on twitter @DuPageLiberty or attend our meetings every third Thursday of the month at the American Tap Pub A Grill @ 701 W. Lake St. in Addison, IL at 7pm.


Photos taken by Jeni Floyd

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