Downers Grove Independence Day Parade


After warming ourselves up with the Memorial Day Parade in Itasca back in May, the DuPage Libertarians decided to step up our game and tackle the Independence Day Parade in Downers Grove. With our good friend Jason taking the lead with our banner, we were ready!

Just like in Itasca, we were joined by four candidates. Candidate for US Senate Sharon Hansen rode in the back of the truck along with candidate for Treasurer Matt Skopek. Paul Clark, the Chair for the Libertarian Party of Will County and campaign manager for Sharon Hansen, was kind enough to bring his pickup truck and ferry our candidates through the parade.

Candidate for Secretary of State Chris Michel preferred to ride his bike throughout the parade with his son Joshua, catching a lot of attention and cheers from the crowd – the beautiful American flag that waved from behind him helped a lot, too.

Our last candidate was Ben Koyl, running for Attorney General. Ben is the local hero, living in Downers Grove and representing the hometown guy. At his own expense, he printed up a banner for himself, designed by DuPage Libertarian member Jeni, and carried by members Josh and Noah.

We also had three gentlemen, all named Steve, carrying signs and a flag straight through the center of our crew. The flag always gets a big pop from the crowd, and we always have it carried by someone who keeps it held high.
It couldn’t be a successful parade without candy, and we had Claire, Meaghan, Nazli and Natalie passing out plenty of it to kids all along the route.

After having taken such a long hiatus of parade marching, it seemed appropriate to keep things as simple as possible while still being effective at broadcasting our message. Our message, which I loudly orated from the front of our group, was simple: we are your local Libertarians, we have candidates on the ballot in November, we are not millionaires or career politicians, if you want change then you need to change the way you vote, and if you want to break the two-party system then we are your only third option in Illinois.

Keep following our progress here at our blog. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, and everyone is welcome to join us for all the fun. We hope everyone had a great Independence Day. Thanks again to the 19 volunteers who came out and helped make all of this possible.

All photos taken by Claire Ball.

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