‘Tis the Season to Be Active!!


With the election over, a lot of people tend to fall into a political hibernation, where you begin to pay less attention to the issues and slowly start to fade out of the political groups you used to be active with.

Well, that doesn’t generally happen with libertarians, who seem to always have a reason for keeping our bodies active and our blood pressure up! While we don’t generally get worked up over politics during the holiday season, we do like to get involved in the community in multiple ways.

In the town of Westmont, located in the township of Downers Grove in the south-eastern corner of DuPage County, you can visit Veteran’s Memorial Park and see all the decorated holiday trees that surround the seasonal ice skating rink. The DuPage Libertarians sponsored a tree and decorated it with simple gold ornaments and pine cones that we sprayed with glue and dusted in blue glitter. There was also a Food Drive for a local food pantry that several of us brought canned goods and other non-perishable foods to, and an arts and craft bazaar to peruse in.


The following week, we marched in Westmont’s Frosty and Friends Night Parade, where we decorated a car with lights and marched down Cass Avenue, waving a flag and handing out candy to the kids and Libertarian Party of Illinois pamphlets to the adults. We got a great reception from the crowds of cold but dedicated people who wanted to see Santa Clause, Frosty the Snowman, and all the local businesses and community groups who were willing to put on a great display and march through downtown Westmont. This was a blast! Can’t wait till next year when we REALLY master the art of lighting up the car!!


Some of us also joined the Fox Valley Libertarians the following day as they marched in the downtown square of Woodstock. Giving out candy and information about their group, they also had a great response from the crowd.

Doing these things is FUN. Getting involved in the communities and their events is a great way to promote your group while also being a part of that community and having a good time with everyone involved. Why sit in the bleachers, watching all the action happen in front of you, when you can be part of the action – leading the way in a parade, talking to like-minded people at a gun show, or fighting through a townhall meeting in an effort to lower property taxes or eliminate red-light cameras in your neighborhood?

We hope you all have a great holiday this year with your friends and family, and we can’t wait to see you in 2015!

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