Ending 2014 With A Bang; Candidate Announcement for COD!!


The DuPage Libertarians have had an outstanding year, and I am glad to say I was part of it and instrumental to it. These past few months, I have been doing research into the history of this little group, speaking with members that go all the way back to the national beginnings in 1970. The Libertarian Club of DuPage, as it was called back then, was highly active in the community, ran candidates in local elections, and had a voice in the local media.

Today, we continue that movement. At our last meeting, it was formally announced that DuPage Libertarians member Claire Ball will be running for the board of trustees at College of DuPage on Tuesday, April 7th, 2015. You can check out her Facebook page here!

The board at COD has been under heavy fire from watchdog groups for reckless spending habits and transparency issues. The board, in response, has been very defensive – in some respects coming off as unhinged towards the notion that someone would dare challenge their authority to spend money in the ways they see fit.

Local Tea Party groups have already begun scanning the landscape for their own candidates, causing a backlash from the more liberal COD board. Luckily for us, libertarians excel at being much more liberal than most college liberals are, and are also known and respected for sticking to our balanced budget ideals than most conservatives.

It also helps that Claire Ball has a master’s degree in accounting and has been working in the accounting field for over 8 years. No more lawyers or politically connected family members – let’s bring in qualified people who can act in the best interests of both the taxpayers and the college students, as opposed to elitist politicians working for themselves.

We hope everyone enjoys the holidays in whatever way you celebrate. As the chapter chair, I want to thank everyone for your support in 2014, and for your continued support in 2015.

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