No, the Charlottesville Driver Did Not Act in Self-Defense

White Nationalists Spin Tragedy in Their Favor

As everyone is aware, last week violence broke out between between protesters and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia culminating in a white supremacist driving his speeding car into a group of counter-protesters killing 1 and injuring 19. We, at the DuPage Libertarians already strongly condemned hate and violence.

But the lengths that some will go to to defend the driver is staggering.

A video was posted on Streamable and purportedly shows that the driver of the car had slowed down and was apparently calm, until protesters hit his vehicle with a blunt object (such as a baseball bat or stick). A website called Conservative Tribune posted an article about it:

Seconds Before C-ville Car Hit Crowd, a Camera Caught Game-Changing Act

The article was shared by Positively Republican on Facebook.

There are three main problems with this video:

1) It’s not the whole video. It cuts out the beginning. The car was already headed into the crowd before getting hit with the bat/stick.  Indeed, the driver blows a stop sign in order to hit the crowd as fast as he could.

2) If the driver was slowing down, his brake lights should have turned on.

3) Finally, the speed of the video was altered to make it look like the driver didn’t speed up until after his car was hit.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s the whole video at the correct speed so everyone can see for themselves:

As libertarians, we have always stood up against racism, hate and violence, and we must continue to be vigilant, perhaps now more than ever.

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