We Defeated the Sugar Tax. Now What?

Thanks to the Libertarian Party of Chicago and many other groups and concerned taxpayers, including Claire Ball, Libertarian candidate for Comptroller, the citizens of Cook County and surrounding areas were able to fight and defeat Cook County’s dreaded sugar tax.

Cynically, proponents of the sugar tax claimed that the new tax would improve people’s health. But after the tax was finally repealed, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle finally admitted that the sugar tax had nothing to do with health, but with money.

The Washington Post even published an article about the debacle. Though biased towards the sugar tax, the article does begrudgingly acknowledge the following:

Consumers have organized highly visible boycotts, driving to nearby Indiana for groceries, and flooded their representatives with complaints. Several Cook County commissioners who switched their votes in favor of repeal have cited that outrage.

This proves that with hard work and determination, we can win. We can defeat big-government, big-tax lobbyists.

Our victory was well-deserved, but where do we go from here?

To be sure, Illinois has the highest taxes in the entire country and our credit rating has been teetering on junk status for some time.  According to CNN, Illinois’s financial mess is the result of decades of mismanagement by both parties, Democrats and Republicans.

Like the sugar tax, these problems won’t go away on their own.  It will require more hard work and more determination.

Even the police don’t want to pay higher taxes.

The 2018 campaign season is not that far away.  We need to start laying the foundation for electoral success now.

If you have not already done so, why not volunteer to help out?  Or make a donation?  Every little bit helps.  Together, we can bring about minimum government and maximum freedom.

Will you join us?

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