Be the Change

Here are simple ways to help the Libertarian Party of Illinois and the DuPage Libertarians. How many have you checked off already?

√ Sign up for DuPage Libertarian email newsletter.
√ Help our candidates get on the ballot in Illinois by helping our petition drive.
√ Request the national LP’s free info packet.
√ Become a dues-paying member of the national LP.
√ Become a dues-paying member of the Illinois state LP.
√ Put a Libertarian bumper sticker on your car.
√ Follow the DuPage Libertarians on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
√ Order a DuPage Chapter Libertarian Party t-shirt.
Order door hangers and distribute them around your neighborhood.
√ Buy some Libertarian promotional brochures and distribute them.
Donate to the DuPage Libertarians.
Volunteer to help the Kash Jackson campaign.
√ Vote for Libertarian candidates.

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