Let Kash Jackson into the Debates

by Scot Sinclair (originally published by the Chicago Sun-Times)

With the two major parties more concerned with partisan bickering and scoring points than actually getting together and working for the good of the nation, 2020 could be the year of the Libertarian. The latest fad on social media is the #walkaway movement, where people are expressing their disillusion with the Democratic Party. So where to turn now that your own party has betrayed you? Welcome to the new normal folks, and cross over to the Libertarian Party.

We have two miserable major candidates for governor this upcoming November, both throwing their billions down the Illinois sewer system. But we have an option to start a movement. While more than a quarter of Illinois residents say they would support an unnamed third party candidate, according to a recent poll, most of them don’t know the name Kash Jackson. He is your third party option, a nobody that nobody sent.

Rauner and Pritzker are sniping and name calling, spending and spending, trying to convince you how bad the other one is. They are both awful choices. We need to hit the reset button, not the snooze button. Kash Jackson is the reset. Can we give him a chance to get his message across and let voters decide? Give him a little press. Let him into the debates.

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