Vote Claire Ball for Illinois Comptroller

(originally published by the Daily Chronicle)

Claire Ball is the only candidate running for Comptroller who is a CPA.

Illinois has recently celebrated its bicentennial. In the 200 years of the state’s history, we have never had an accountant in the position of comptroller. The position has been used as a political stepping stool for both major political parties. For the second election cycle in a row the Libertarian Party candidate has been the only qualified candidate for the office.

Claire Ball is a CPA with over a decade’s experience in the private sector. As a third party she is independent of party bosses. We the people are her boss, and if either old party bureaucrats try and play around with your tax dollars she will have no problem calling them out on it.

Her platform includes, creating a table of priorities to list the orders of items paid and why. This will bring a level of transparency for taxpayers and assurance to those receiving payments. Illinois has stacked up a large sum of deferred bills and having clear and accessible records will help us navigate in times of financial struggle that Illinois continues to find itself in.

This November, ask yourself this question: Who do you want to watch over your tax dollars and keep an eye on Springfield bureaucrats? Another career politician already vying on their next office or the qualified (not connected) accountant who just wants to serve and shine a light on what happens with your money?

Vote Claire Ball for Illinois Comptroller.

John Eldon Mathey, Vice chairman of the Libertarian Party of DeKalb County

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