An Open Letter to the Chicago Tribune about Their Comptroller Endorsement

Dear Chicago Tribune,

Claire Ball, Libertarian candidate for Comptroller, poses with Libertarian candidate for Governor Kash Jackson.

This is in response to your article, “Eight days after winning comptroller election, Susana Mendoza announces run for Chicago mayor“. Susana Mendoza’s intent to be the mayor of Chicago, not Illinois Comptroller, should come as no surprise to anyone as many political experts had anticipated such a move.

However, the Chicago Tribune chose to endorse Mendoza over Libertarian Claire Ball. As you already know, Claire Ball is “a studious accountant” who is more than qualified for the position. Not only is Ball a professional accountant with a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, she holds the most important qualification of all: if elected, she would serve.

I realize that this would be just symbolic, but I call upon the Chicago Tribune to retroactively withdraw its endorsement of Susana Mendoza in favor of Claire Ball for Comptroller, the highest accounting position in the state.

A Concerned Citizen

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