April 2, 2019, Election – DuPage County Proposals

Village of Lemont

Shall the Village of Lemont, in Counties of Cook, Will and DuPage, dedicate resources to investment in its public infrastructure including but not limited to investment in its roads, alleys, paths and sidewalks?

Vote No, there are already many taxes in place to pay for these repairs.

Shall the Village of Lemont, in Counties of Cook, Will, and DuPage, Illinois, dedicate resources to investment in its public infrastructure including but not limited to investment in its water and sewer systems?

—Vote No, there are already many taxes in place to pay for these repairs.

Shall the Village of Lemont, Counties of Cook, Will, and DuPage, Illinois, impose a Non-Home Rule Municipal Retailers’ Occupation Tax and a Non-Home Rule Municipal Service Occupation Tax (commonly referred to as a “municipal sales tax”) at a rate of 1% for expenditures on public infrastructure or property tax relief in accordance with the provisions of Sections 8-11- 1.3 and 8-11-1.4 of the Illinois Municipal Code (65 ILCS 5/8-11-1.3 and 65 ILCS 5/8-11-1.4)?

—Vote No, there are already many taxes in place to pay for these repairs.

Village of Willowbrook

Shall the Village of Willowbrook become a home rule unit?

– Vote no, this gives the board more unilateral power to both spend more money and increase taxes with less oversight. (Libertarians are split on the topic of home rule, but in Illinois in rarely works out in favor of the taxpayer)

Village of Villa Park

Do you support the Village of Villa Park, IL, spending up to $1,000,000.00 in new property taxes to fund repairs to Lufkin Pool which would allow the Village to safely reopen the pool?

 —Vote No, there is no reason for the government to operate a community pool. Life Time Firness, YMCA and other organizations already offer these services that are both affordable and sustainable to the community without forcing people to pay for them that will not use the community pool.

Warrenville Fire Protection District

Shall the Warrenville Fire protection District, DuPage County, lllinois, be authorized to levy a new tax for emergency and rescue crews and equipment purposes and have an additional tax ol .10o/o of the equalized assessed value of the taxable property therein extended for such purposes?

—Vote No, there are already plenty of taxes levied to fund the fire district they need to live within their budget just like a family has to live within their budget.

Naperville Township

Shall the Road District of Naperville Township be abolished with all the rights, powers, duties, assets, property, liabilities, obligations, and responsibilities being assumed by Naperville Township?

—Vote Yes, consolidation with be more efficient

Hinsdale Township High School District 86

Shall the board of education of Hinsdale Township High School District 86, DuPage and Cook counties IL, improve the sites of, renovate, alter, repair and equip and replace portions of the Hinsdale South High School Campus and Hinsdale Central High School Campus, including, but not limited to, installing school safety and emergency response systems and equipment; making facilities Americans with Disabilities Act accessible to persons with disabilities; repairing 60-year old infrastructure; and improving the electrical capacity and lighting in older classrooms, and issue bonds of said school district to the amount of $139,815,983 for the purpose of paying the costs thereof?

—Vote No, $140 million in new bonds is a completely unacceptable financial burden to place on future generations. We must fund things in the present, and not sell away future success for enjoyment today. In 10 years, they will be asking for more money and this money won’t even have been paid back yet.

Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District

‘Shall the extension limitation under the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law for the Fox River & Countryside Fire/Rescue District, Kane and DuPage Counties, Illinois, be increased from the lesser of 5% or the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index over the prior levy year to 63% per year for the 2019 levy year?”

—Vote No, this is WAY too large of an increase, and there are better ways they can privately raise money for whatever short term projects they have. If this is to cover ongoing costs, then there is way too much overhead somewhere and that needs to be seriously looked at.

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