12 Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

By Les Deffner

Marijuana should be removed from the Federal Schedule 1 list of controlled substances. States should legalize it for medicinal purposes and recreational use. Here are 12 reasons why.

  1. Removing it from S1 at the federal level will then permit it to be prescribed to veterans without causing or risking them to lose VA coverage.
  2. The deadly and epidemic opioid crisis would abate.
  3. The suicide rate of veterans will also abate.
  4. Fewer people will be tried, convicted, and imprisoned for what is essentially a victimless crime.
  5. Lower prison rates require fewer taxes on citizens to keep people incarcerated. Tax burdens on citizens will drop.
  6. More children will be allowed to keep their fathers and mothers from jails and prisons. Those same children will then be less likely to become resentful of law enforcement officers, the criminal justice system, and authority in general.
  7. Kids without authority issues are less likely to join gangs.
  8. Kids with both their fathers and mothers are more likely to stay in school.
  9. The fewer laws law enforcement officers (LEOs) are required to enforce, the less likely there is for their paths to cross citizens and a lower likelihood of deadly conflict.
  10. Lower instances of LEO conflict will help the racial tensions in America to abate.
  11. The war on drugs (WOD) has been an epic failure, just as was the prohibition of alcohol was. The rise of street gangs and their perpetration of violence n America can strongly be linked to the underground and markets created by the WOD. Legalization may not completely remove those gangs or violence, but it will surely help folks wanting a smoke who are otherwise good citizens to seek their purchases in a legal manner.
  12. Though a Libertarian and I abhor taxation in general, I do support states obtaining tax revenues from marijuana sales which can be allocated towards the prosecution of users who are unable and incapable of being responsible adults. The tax revenues will help our state’s ridiculously high debts.

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