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April 4, 2017, Consolidated General Election

by Matt Skopek Libertarian Suggestions ADDISON TOWNSHIP Should Addison Township pursue consolidation of government entities that presently have no elected oversight? VOTE YES -If the citizens do not have the power to elect leadership in social programs, consolidate the operations to … Continue reading

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Illinois Ranked Worst State in US for Taxes

WalletHub recently released a brand new report ranking the tax burden of all 50 states. Guess which state has the highest taxes in the nation? Illinois. Yes, Illinois has the highest taxes in the entire country! Yet, politicians meeting in … Continue reading

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Obamacare and Your Taxes This Year

By Claire Ball I have, yet, another reason to dislike my government. Attention tax filers! Were you unfortunate enough to have to get health insurance through the Marketplace in 2016? While doing my friend’s taxes, I came across a new … Continue reading

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Can a Tax Be “Fair”?

Several Republican Tea Party favorites support the Fair Tax, a national sales tax that they hope would take the place of the income tax. Here’s a brief libertarian take on the issue. As for me (Josh), I agree with economist … Continue reading

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