March Meeting’s special guest speaker is State Rep. Kathleen Willis!

Our guest speaker this month will be State Rep. Kathleen Willis from the 77th District, which includes O’Hare Airport and portions of Addison, Bellwood, Bensenville, Franklin Park, Maywood, Melrose Park, Northlake, Stone Park, and Wood Dale, three of which are in DuPage.

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Our special guest speaker will be
State Rep. Kathleen Willis from the 77th District

Kathleen will talk about the challenges we face in Illinois, including her new gun dealer registration law, and what we can expect from the new General Assembly and Governor. She will gladly answer any and all questions we have, so come prepared.

As for the rest of our meeting, upcoming projects to plan for include the Memorial Day Parades in Itasca and Wood Dale, and possibilities for what options are available to us to make the most of it. Jeremiah from the Three Percenters has agreed to join us as well with his military truck, so we have plenty of decorating ideas to discuss.

As always, our meetings are free, all ages, and open to the public. The meeting officially starts at 7pm, social hour begins at 6pm. It’s $5 burger night at the American Tap, and they have a wide selection of craft beers on hand. See you there.

Please RSVP below:

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The Year in Review 2018: Illinois Election Results

After a hard-fought battle in Illinois, Libertarian statewide races were unsuccessful in meeting the 5 percent threshold needed to obtain major-party status in the state.

Picture of Mike Leheney
Mike Leheney had the highest vote percentage of all state-wide candidates at 3.5%.

The closest to receiving 5 percent in the election was treasurer candidate Mike Leheney, who received 3.5 percent. Candidate for governor Kash Jackson received 2.4 percent of the votes, comptroller candidate Claire Ball received 3.1 percent, secretary of state candidate Steve Dutner received 2.5 percent, and attorney general candidate Bubba Harsy received 2.5 percent.

In local results, McLean County had several Libertarians running for office: McLean County Board District 1 candidate Michael Suess received 19.4 percent; District 2 candidate Paul Michael Enerson received 4.8 percent; District 3 candidate Christopher Howick received 38.9 percent; District 4 candidate Alexandra Engle received 5.6 percent; District 8 candidate Steve Suess, who received an endorsement from the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, received 5.5 percent; District 9 candidate Sol Roberts-Lieb received 4.6 percent; and District 10 candidate Kevin Woodard received 24.5 percent. McLean County treasurer candidate Lex Green received 26.1 percent, giving McLean County established-party status through 2022. Candidate Ian Peak ran for Jefferson County Board District 6 and received 20 percent of the vote.

While the campaign team members, volunteers, and candidates felt disappointment at the results, the Libertarian candidates accomplished many things in this election cycle that had previously never been done in Illinois. Kash Jackson was invited to participate in the NBC debate in September. He also received endorsements from Gov. Gary Johnson, Republican Illinois state Rep. Allen Skillicorn, and the Lake County, Ill., chapter of Black Lives Matter. Steve Dutner was the first Libertarian candidate to receive an endorsement from a major news publication, the State Journal-Register in Springfield. Even though statewide access was not achieved, LP Illinois gained access in two more counties, Kankakee and Perry, because Mike Leheney and Bubba Harsy received more than 5 percent of the votes in those counties.

Campaign manager Brian Lambrecht assured supporters that those gains would be used to Libertarian advantage in the future. “Despite not getting statewide ballot access in Illinois, a state with some of the harshest ballot access laws in the nation, we have secured ballot access, so far, in 25 of Illinois’ 102 counties,” Lambrecht said. “We plan to use that fully in 2020.”

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An Open Letter to the Chicago Tribune about Their Comptroller Endorsement

Dear Chicago Tribune,

Claire Ball, Libertarian candidate for Comptroller, poses with Libertarian candidate for Governor Kash Jackson.

This is in response to your article, “Eight days after winning comptroller election, Susana Mendoza announces run for Chicago mayor“. Susana Mendoza’s intent to be the mayor of Chicago, not Illinois Comptroller, should come as no surprise to anyone as many political experts had anticipated such a move.

However, the Chicago Tribune chose to endorse Mendoza over Libertarian Claire Ball. As you already know, Claire Ball is “a studious accountant” who is more than qualified for the position. Not only is Ball a professional accountant with a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, she holds the most important qualification of all: if elected, she would serve.

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Vote Claire Ball for Illinois Comptroller

(originally published by the Daily Chronicle)

Claire Ball is the only candidate running for Comptroller who is a CPA.

Illinois has recently celebrated its bicentennial. In the 200 years of the state’s history, we have never had an accountant in the position of comptroller. The position has been used as a political stepping stool for both major political parties. For the second election cycle in a row the Libertarian Party candidate has been the only qualified candidate for the office.

Claire Ball is a CPA with over a decade’s experience in the private sector. As a third party she is independent of party bosses. We the people are her boss, and if either old party bureaucrats try and play around with your tax dollars she will have no problem calling them out on it. Continue reading Facebooktwitterredditpinterestmail

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November 6, 2018, General Election – Propositions


1 Shall DuPage County oppose the General Assembly instituting a property tax increase equivalent to 1% of your home’s value to help retire state debt?

VOTE Yes! – DuPage County has internally a balanced budget, we should not be punished for the states reckless spending and waste. It only encourages bad behavior.

2 Shall DuPage County oppose the creation of a statewide Vehicle Mileage Tax (VMT) which would tax DuPage County citizens based upon the number of miles driven annually?

VOTE YES! – DuPage County should oppose a Vehicle Mileage Tax, this is a highly inefficient way of collecting a tax. You will have to put meters in every car, file a mileage form on your state taxes, and have your vehicle mileage audited periodically. This is already on top of a gas tax we already pay.

3 Shall DuPage County continue to dissolve and consolidate units of local government to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and increase accountability?

VOTE YES! – We need to reduce government and make it more efficient!


1 Shall the Village of Lemont become a home rule unit of government pursuant to Article VII, Section 6 of the Constitution of the State of Illinois?

NOTE NO! – You end up giving power to the board to unilaterally increase both spending and taxes without oversight. We need to keep as many checks and balances in place as we can.

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