Bartlett Independence Day Parade this Sunday, July 8!

Come march with the DuPage Libertarians and candidates Claire Ball for IL Comptroller, Steve Dutner for IL Secretary of State, Sanj Mohip for IL Lt. Governor and Kash Jackson for IL Governor in this beautiful Independence Day parade, hosted by the Bartlett Lions Club – we need help passing out flyers or candy, holding banners, and waving flags.

Time: Be in staging area by roughly noon
Location: @ North Ave. Near Bartlett Elementary School
Details: Parade kicks off at 1pm Our lineup position is on North Avenue #20

Parade Route:
Oak Ave. from North Ave. south to Railroad Ave.
Railroad Ave. from Oak Ave. to Main St.
Main St. from Railroad Ave. to South Bartlett Rd.
South Bartlett Rd. from Main St. to Stearns Rd.

Location: 111 E North Ave Bartlett, Illinois 60103

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New T-Shirts Now Available!

We now have official DuPage Libertarian t-shirts for sale, along with official t-shirts for all 2018 statewide candidates! Get them now at

Official DuPage Libertarians – Premium T- Shirt

Kash Jackson & Sanj Mohip

Claire Ball – Libertarian for Illinois Comptroller

Steve Dutner – Libertarian for Secretary of State

Mike Leheney – Libertarian for Illinois Treasurer

Bubba Harsy – Libertarian for Illinois Attorney General

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The Memes of March

This gallery contains 17 photos.

This took a little longer to publish than we would have liked, but here are all the memes we posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the month of May.  Not to brag, but almost all of these are … Continue reading

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Be the Change

Here are simple ways to help the Libertarian Party of Illinois and the DuPage Libertarians. How many have you checked off already?

√ Sign up for DuPage Libertarian email newsletter.
√ Help our candidates get on the ballot in Illinois by helping our petition drive.
√ Request the national LP’s free info packet.
√ Become a dues-paying member of the national LP.
√ Become a dues-paying member of the Illinois state LP.
√ Put a Libertarian bumper sticker on your car.
√ Follow the DuPage Libertarians on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
√ Order a DuPage Chapter Libertarian Party t-shirt.
Order door hangers and distribute them around your neighborhood.
√ Buy some Libertarian promotional brochures and distribute them.
Donate to the DuPage Libertarians.
Volunteer to help the Kash Jackson campaign.
Register to vote and vote for Libertarian candidates.

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Be that Libertarian

by Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee (adapted from his speech at the 2018 Libertarian Party of Illinois Convention)

Politics is a contest for control.  It’s control over other people.  It’s government control over lives.  There’s an argument between the Republicans and Democrats over which one of them get to control your life and which part of your life they get to tell you to do something with.  Libertarian politics is fundamentally different from Republican and Democratic politics.  We are similar to how 7 UP is the uncola – we are the anti-politics.  We are about positions, not personalities.  We’re about people, not politics.

What is the opposite of individual freedom?  Government control.  Every time you increase individual freedom, you reduce government control.  Every time you pass a law and you add government control, you reduce individual freedom.

There is no other political party in this country that denies the entire Left-Right political spectrum.  It’s not about which part of the life of yours that I want to control.  It’s not moving Left or Right, it’s going up – more individual freedom, less government control.  Every issue.  Every time.

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