Be that Libertarian

by Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee (adapted from his speech at the 2018 Libertarian Party of Illinois Convention)

Politics is a contest for control.  It’s control over other people.  It’s government control over lives.  There’s an argument between the Republicans and Democrats over which one of them get to control your life and which part of your life they get to tell you to do something with.  Libertarian politics is fundamentally different from Republican and Democratic politics.  We are similar to how 7 UP is the uncola – we are the anti-politics.  We are about positions, not personalities.  We’re about people, not politics.

What is the opposite of individual freedom?  Government control.  Every time you increase individual freedom, you reduce government control.  Every time you pass a law and you add government control, you reduce individual freedom.

There is no other political party in this country that denies the entire Left-Right political spectrum.  It’s not about which part of the life of yours that I want to control.  It’s not moving Left or Right, it’s going up – more individual freedom, less government control.  Every issue.  Every time.

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March 20, 2018, Primary Election – Propositions

DU PAGE COUNTY 1 Should the DuPage County Election Commission be dissolved and its functions be consolidated with the office of the DuPage County Clerk?

VOTE YES! – The DuPage Libertarians support consolidating government for efficiencies, this will help reduce property taxes / curb increasing costs of government elsewhere.

CITY OF WEST CHICAGO 1 Shall Video Gaming, such as video poker and blackjack, be permitted within the corporate limits of the City of West Chicago?

VOTE YES! – This is an expansion of our freedom, this law is a small step in the right direction, it is not the government job to determine what we should be allowed or not allowed to do.

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Why Millennials are More Libertarian Than Socialist

By: Jennifer Floyd

The recent buzz in social media has been the results of a poll conducted by NBC News/GenForward revealing than 71% of Millennials believe there needs to be a viable third party option.  As the largest political party outside of Republicans or Democrats, this potential influx of younger, more educated, and aware voters is the key to the future success of the Libertarian party. However, many believe that Millennials are more socialist than free-market, a thought that keeps people from even trying to reach out to them and introduce libertarian philosophy. One only needs to point out the successes of Bernie Sanders, campus protests, or the Antifa movement to declare them a lost cause.  But it only takes a moment to look at the underlying reasons why these movements gained traction to find that Millennials are more Libertarian than they realize.

They are the more Socially Tolerant generation

According to Medical Daily “millennials are twice as likely to identify as gay compared to adults of all ages” with 7% of Millennials identifying as LGBT. They’ve grown up in an era where it’s accepted, and they are less likely to be discriminated against by their peers to be open about their sexual preferences. In the workplace, they are more likely to prefer cognitive diversity – a group of mixed backgrounds, genders, races, and viewpoints to bring fresh ideas and discourse.

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We Defeated the Sugar Tax. Now What?

Thanks to the Libertarian Party of Chicago and many other groups and concerned taxpayers, including Claire Ball, Libertarian candidate for Comptroller, the citizens of Cook County and surrounding areas were able to fight and defeat Cook County’s dreaded sugar tax.

Cynically, proponents of the sugar tax claimed that the new tax would improve people’s health. But after the tax was finally repealed, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle finally admitted that the sugar tax had nothing to do with health, but with money.

The Washington Post even published an article about the debacle. Though biased towards the sugar tax, the article does begrudgingly acknowledge the following:

Consumers have organized highly visible boycotts, driving to nearby Indiana for groceries, and flooded their representatives with complaints. Several Cook County commissioners who switched their votes in favor of repeal have cited that outrage.

This proves that with hard work and determination, we can win. We can defeat big-government, big-tax lobbyists.

Our victory was well-deserved, but where do we go from here?

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