Gary Johnson Hints He May Run for Office Again

Gary Johnson was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for President in 2012 and 2016.

In a new interview conducted by The Jack News, two-time Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson says that he may run for office again.  When asked if he would run for office, Johnson answered, “I’ve said no but [I’m] not ruling anything out because we need a success story. Maybe in that context I might play a role.”

Gary Johnson served two terms as the Governor of New Mexico as a Republican.  But he switched parties to Libertarian running for President in 2014 and 2018.  Johnson’s Presidential campaigns met with mixed success.  On the one hand, Johnson set the record for most votes for a Libertarian Presidential nominee, nearly tripling the vote totals of any previous Libertarian Presidential candidate. In fact, Johnson received the most votes of any third-party candidate since Ross Perot in 1996.

Gary Johnson’s 4,489,233 votes in 2016 were the most ever for a Libertarian Presidential candidate.

On the other hand, Johnson’s 2016 run was considered by some as a lost opportunity.  Given that the Democrats and Republicans had nominated two very unpopular candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, many libertarians expected better results.

But the fact that Johnson had previously served office as Governor of New Mexico garnered an air of respectability by the mainstream press that no other Libertarian Party Presidential candidate ever received.  Johnson’s crowning achievement in his 2018 campaign was receiving the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune. Continue reading

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Let Kash Jackson into the Debates

by Scot Sinclair (originally published by the Chicago Sun-Times)

With the two major parties more concerned with partisan bickering and scoring points than actually getting together and working for the good of the nation, 2020 could be the year of the Libertarian. The latest fad on social media is the #walkaway movement, where people are expressing their disillusion with the Democratic Party. So where to turn now that your own party has betrayed you? Welcome to the new normal folks, and cross over to the Libertarian Party.

We have two miserable major candidates for governor this upcoming November, both throwing their billions down the Illinois sewer system. But we have an option to start a movement. While more than a quarter of Illinois residents say they would support an unnamed third party candidate, according to a recent poll, most of them don’t know the name Kash Jackson. He is your third party option, a nobody that nobody sent.

Rauner and Pritzker are sniping and name calling, spending and spending, trying to convince you how bad the other one is. They are both awful choices. We need to hit the reset button, not the snooze button. Kash Jackson is the reset. Can we give him a chance to get his message across and let voters decide? Give him a little press. Let him into the debates.

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Bartlett Independence Day Parade this Sunday, July 8!

Come march with the DuPage Libertarians and candidates Claire Ball for IL Comptroller, Steve Dutner for IL Secretary of State, Sanj Mohip for IL Lt. Governor and Kash Jackson for IL Governor in this beautiful Independence Day parade, hosted by the Bartlett Lions Club – we need help passing out flyers or candy, holding banners, and waving flags.

Time: Be in staging area by roughly noon
Location: @ North Ave. Near Bartlett Elementary School
Details: Parade kicks off at 1pm Our lineup position is on North Avenue #20

Parade Route:
Oak Ave. from North Ave. south to Railroad Ave.
Railroad Ave. from Oak Ave. to Main St.
Main St. from Railroad Ave. to South Bartlett Rd.
South Bartlett Rd. from Main St. to Stearns Rd.

Location: 111 E North Ave Bartlett, Illinois 60103

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New T-Shirts Now Available!

We now have official DuPage Libertarian t-shirts for sale, along with official t-shirts for all 2018 statewide candidates! Get them now at

Official DuPage Libertarians – Premium T- Shirt

Kash Jackson & Sanj Mohip

Claire Ball – Libertarian for Illinois Comptroller

Steve Dutner – Libertarian for Secretary of State

Mike Leheney – Libertarian for Illinois Treasurer

Bubba Harsy – Libertarian for Illinois Attorney General

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The Memes of March

This gallery contains 17 photos.

This took a little longer to publish than we would have liked, but here are all the memes we posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the month of May.  Not to brag, but almost all of these are … Continue reading

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