(Summary by Krysta Walker)

In order to be prepared to meet state requirements for established parties, and because we can’t know what year we will hit the goal of 5% to achieve that status, the chapters of the Libertarian Party of Illinois are voluntarily updating their bylaws to comply with state laws. The following document is an updated version of the DuPage County chapter bylaws. It contains the following changes:

Article 1: Organization Name and Purpose

Establishes the DuPage County Central Committee, and states the organization’s purpose. This change was made at a previous meeting.

Article 2: Membership

Details membership types and dues. This has been updated to include Precinct Committeemen, and describes how PC’s are appointed/elected.

Article 3: Party Officials

Describes the offices within the DuPage County Central Committee. Also details vacancies.

Elections for party officials has been set up for established status by stating that they will continue as normal until established status is attained, and then held every two years in convention as outlined in Article 7.

The section on Suspension has been updated to “Proper Representation and Removal” which not only allows the chapter to suspend offending officers, but to remove members and candidates who do not uphold Libertarian principles. The section on appeal remains, but was updated to fit the section on representation and removal.

Article 4: Executive Committee

This describes the duties of the members of the Executive Committee, meeting notifications, quorum, and other committees of the DuPage County Central Committee.

The section on elections was removed, as the chapter will now hold a convention every two years at which party officials will be elected. This gives DuPage two years to recruit PC’s and organize their first county convention. And I happen to know that Dupage does it!

Article 5: Meetings

Describes how meetings are arranged. No changes were made.

Article 6: County Convention

This describes the convention which will be held by the DuPage County Central Committee every two years, and how the Executive Committee will be elected once established party status has been attained.

Article 7: Amending the Bylaws

This describes how the bylaws can be amended. No changes were made.

Article 8: Parliamentary Authority

This just says you’ll use Robert’s Rules of Orders at your meetings.

Article 9: Ownership of Property

This article says that if for some reason the DuPage County Central Committee were to disband, chapter owned items would go to an affiliated chapter or to a nonprofit organization with the same goals as the DCLCC.

DuPage Libertarians – Bylaws